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Empowering Women: International Women's Day Celebrations in Celle

On March 8, 2024, we marked a truly special occasion - International Women's Day, celebrated right here in Celle, Germany, courtesy of KulturTrif(f)t e.V. The event served as a beacon of unity, drawing together over 120 women to discuss eight crucial topics: Women Health, Equality, Safety, Wellness, Work & Life Balance, Finance, Culture, and Integration.

I was deeply privileged to contribute to this meaningful gathering by handcrafting around 1,000 ceramic beads, each representing one of these vital themes. From the initial sculpting to the final glazing process, every bead underwent meticulous care and embodied the essence of these conversations.

Throughout the day, eight remarkable women, experts and advocates within our community-led enlightening discussions on each topic. They gifted each participant a handmade ceramic bead, symbolizing the importance of prioritizing these aspects of life. By the event's end, each woman proudly wore her bracelet adorned with the beads that resonated most with her journey.

I extend my sincere gratitude to KulturTrif(f)t e.V. for spearheading this empowering women's event and to all partners, including Sparkasse CGW, Stadt Celle, and Landkreis Celle, for their invaluable support. This event was a testament to women's strength and unity, and I am honoured to have participated.

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