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Veselina Kupenova from Veseto Ceramics Portrait with ceramic home decor item


I’m Veselina Kupenova, the founder, maker, designer, customer relations manager, cleaning lady, photographer, and social media content maker at studio Veseto Ceramics. It is a one-woman show!

As a craftswoman and artist, I firmly believe that
women's visibility matters greatly!


At Veseto Ceramics, my mission is to inspire and empower women by creating unique ceramic jewellery and artisan pieces. My designs are crafted to foster self-confidence, bolster visibility, and amplify the voices of those who wear them. Every piece of jewellery carries a touch of magic, a subtle charm that helps the wearer step into their power, conquer self-doubt, and embrace their individuality. I hope every woman feels emboldened and radiant, wielding the transformative power of clay!

My Journey

Commencing my artistic journey as a self-taught ceramicist, I dedicated myself to refining my craft. This commitment led me to pursue a Master's degree in "Ceramics and Porcelain: Contemporary and Digital Forms" at New Bulgarian University, where I built upon the foundational knowledge acquired during my Bachelor's degree in "Visual Arts." I am pleased to announce that I am now officially recognized as a Keramik (Ceramicer) crafter and proudly hold membership with Handwerkskammer Braunschweig-Lüneburg-Stade in Germany.

As a follower of “slow business”, I produce small-batch handmade ceramics - jewellery and decorative ceramic objects. These are limited series and very often unique, which reflect my taste for catchy colours and shapes.

Veselina Kupenova from Veseto Ceramics Portrait with raw ceramic jewelry pieces
Veselina Kupenova from Veseto Ceramics Portrait with ceramic board

Behind the Craft

Each piece of Vseto Ceramics is entirely handmade - I prepare and shape the clay and then let it dry for a few days before sanding, smoothing and firing for the first time at about 1000°C - for 30 hours until the kiln cools down. I then paint, decorate, apply glazes, and fire again at about 1050°C for another 30 hours. Finally, I hand painted with 22K gold decoration, followed by a third firing at about 700°C before the jewellery ceramic pieces were carefully assembled with love.


My studio is 12 m2, installed on the first floor of my beautiful family house in Celle, Germany.

I show my work in my online store - The best way to stay up to date is by following the studio on Instagram (for daily updates) and subscribing to the newsletter (for monthly updates).


So, if you want to know more about me, please feel free to ask. ❤️

Ceramic Mask Workshop in the Garden: Self-Expression with Clay
Ceramic Mask Workshop in the Garden: Self-Expression with Clay
08 Jun 2024, 10:30 – 13:30
29223 Celle-Boye, Germany
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