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I AM MY SAFE SPACE: Supporting Children's Mental Health Through Art

On June 17th, the "I AM MY SAFE SPACE" workshop was held as part of the larger KulturTrifft project, "MY SAFE SPACE." This project combines creativity with mental health support, providing a safe space for children to express themselves through art.

The talented students from Oberschule Westercelle created wonderful and creative clay self-portraits with my assistance, using various ceramic techniques and colourful engobes. I am extremely proud of each participant for their efforts and creativity. Their work reflects the healing and connecting power of art.

Thanks to the generous support of donors, Soroptimist Celle, and the Stadt Celle administration, this project is accessible to more children. It features various forms of art - from theatre, ceramics, wool and felt work, and watercolour painting to digital art and photography. The project also includes topics on internet safety and online protection.

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