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Yutiosa: Capturing Everyday Enchantment in Ceramic Form

On May 19, 2022, a student exhibition commemorating the 30th anniversary of the founding of the New Bulgarian University and Studio "Center for Arts 13" within the Department of Fine Arts was inaugurated. This studio houses all ceramic workshops at the university. My work was among those featured in the exhibition, with participation from 35 authors from the Bachelor's and Master's programs in Ceramics under the guidance of Professor Dr. Monika Popova.

Artist: Veselina Kupenova

Title of the Piece: "Yutiosa"

Description: The ceramic sculpture is inspired by the daily household tasks that, with their monotony, can transport us into magical realms and open doors to imaginary worlds. The contrast between the textures and the function of the embedded forms - iron, wings, door - is deliberate, aiming to recreate a feeling of counterpoint and contradiction in our perceptions of smoothness, roughness, heaviness, lightness, fieriness, airiness, black and white colourfulness.

Technique: White clay, hand-building technique with coils, biscuit firing, acrylic matte finish coating.

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