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Shipping policy

Because Veseto Ceramics is a one-woman studio, I cannot offer things like next-day delivery. Sometimes, I’m only able to allot one day a week to packing. Please understand that I will do my best to get the packages to you as soon as possible, but it could take a week or more.

Some other questions you may have about my shipping policy can be found below:

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, I do offer international shipping. However, please be aware that customs procedures may lead to delays in delivery.

What happens if my ordered item breaks during shipping?

I make every effort to ensure this doesn’t happen, and I’m pleased to say that breakages are a very rare occurrence (knocks on wood). Each item is meticulously wrapped in both paper and (paper) bubble wrap/cardboard, and I ensure that they are immovable within the box and do not touch the sides of the box or each other. Despite ceramics being inherently fragile, and despite postal services sometimes overlooking the ‘fragile’ tape on packages, breakages are infrequent. However, if an item does arrive broken, please contact me immediately, and we can discuss a solution, which could involve a replacement or a refund.


What happens if my ordered item gets delayed or lost during shipping?
In the event of a delay or loss, please reach out to me, and I’ll liaise with the shipping company. Their initial response is usually to wait a few more days, which often resolves the problem. If the issue persists, I will launch an official inquiry for the shipping company to investigate further.

Should an item appear to be lost, I will certainly refund your order or send a replacement if the item is in stock. However, I will need confirmation from the shipping company that the order is officially lost, and I typically allow for a month’s delay before processing a refund or replacement. It’s important to stress that as a small business, I can’t offer the same shipping policies as larger companies. If there are unforeseen issues during shipping, these are beyond my control. But rest assured that in such situations, you’ll be in direct contact with me. I truly care about ensuring you receive your order and will do my utmost to resolve any issues.


Could I pick up my order at your studio?
Yes, this is possible. If you live near my studio (Celle, Germany), I always advise you to pick up your order. With a local pick up, you’ll be sure of safe delivery to your house. Contact me about when you want to pick it up.


Is your packaging eco-friendly?
I am working on making all my packaging as environmentally conscious as I possibly can. All packages are shipped in cardboard boxes that can all be recycled. I have recently changed from plastic tape to eco-friendly paper tape. My packaging supplier has assured me this tape is completely eco, but I still research the glue used.

For the inside padding, I have been using recycled newspapers or other types of paper. Due to the increase in shipments, I can no longer consistently use this as an option, and I have also started using biodegradable packaging peanuts, which dissolve in water. I have also switched from plastic bubble wrap to cardboard wrap and am still exploring other paper-based protections for my ceramics. If ever you receive plastic bubble wrap or packing peanuts in your order, it is reused. I trust my customers to either reuse all packaging or recycle responsibly.

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